Kuredu Island Resort, Maldives

We have now been to Kuredu twice and had a fantastic holiday both times. The first trip was 26th Dec 1999 - 10th Jan 2000 and the second trip was 4th Nov - 19th Nov 2001.

Some of the pictures from our first trip:

A summary of the first trip.

Some of the pictures from our second trip:

Some stuff about our holidays that might be useful for others thinking of visiting Kuredu - updated after our second trip:

PLEASE NOTE: these upgrades (including the installation of water bungalows and the upgrades of the existing villas) took place AFTER my last trip to Kuredu, so I don't have any direct experience of the new facilities. All I know is what's on the official website (as linked below).

Some external links:

Feel free to drop me a line if you're thinking of visiting Kuredu, have any other questions, or just want to chat!